Sunday, 28 November 2010

Early autumn snow

Here in wiltshire the snow has come to us. Hopefully we will be getting more next week though. But here is a picture of one of the cats in the snow. Unfortunately he likes to be the center of attention so he's in all the pictures!

 Here most of the snow has melted but hopefully we might get some more snow tonight! This morning I headed out with my camera a hot chocolate and ginger cat trailing after me attention seeking! This cat of mine adores the snow and hopes to see more of it so I can stay off school and pamper him more, what a spoiled cat! But I hope to see more snow for the same reasons! P.S Posted by J from wiltshire.


  1. He looks like he is enjoying himself in this chilly weather.
    Remember when i stayed at your house and he slept on the foot of my bed all night. He is so sweet!M

  2. Yes, he's sucking hoodie at the moment xx ,J