Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring has sprung!

Hello its M and i have changed the background on the blog so that it is all spring like!
Back to school tommorow :( but I am looking forward to thursday as it is my birthday!! :) YAY!

February half term

this half term i have been very busy.

I have been to sennon cove with some friends that were staying.

We were making shadows on the beach in the sunset....

 ...and by dusk the waves were picking up.

Then today we went to Tehidy woods and this robin was so tame and let me get very close to it....

...And then we walked around the lake and fed the ducks and the swans.

From M in cornwall! x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New year/Astronomy/Cats

Hello, happy new year its J. Hope whoever reads this had a good christmas. Over the past few weeks I have been out stargazing here is a Picture. This is a pic I took last Saturday when I went to an Astonomy thing in a field. I saw Jupiter really close up you could see the colours and everything you could even see the red sot. It was a really powerfull telescope. I also looked through a telescope and saw the moon so close it was like a picture on the internet it was great. There were lots of telescopes there. Changing the subject, I also got lots of lovely presents for christmas but putting christmas behind us. HAPPY NEW YEAR.......(If its not to late).

This is one of my cats he is such a poser!!!!!
He is relaxing in the sun.

My other cat who HATES having her picture taken.

These are my threee of my cockrels xx

This is the night sky except it was pitch black but I put my camera on night vision. And the sort of light at the top is the moon.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Not so much snow :(

There is no snow on the ground at the moment here in penzance, but there are tiny flakes of snow falling through the air. Unfortunatly I cannot download any photos, but I can show the ones that are already on the computer and I think that this one of a bird in the cold weather the other day is very nice.

According to the weather, there will not be snow on Christmas day but there might be on boxing day. :( Cornwall never gets snow.

From M in Penzance. :P

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Deep snow....

 Hi this is J. It snowed loads last night! We got aproxametly 5 inches of snow!!!! I have been playing in it all morning!

There is thick snow on the roof tops, but its all started to drip and melt :(.
I have just come back from sledging. We had great fun sliding down the slopes on our sledges!

 But after all the excitement. Its good to come home to a nice mug of chocolate heavan! Life is good......:D
 Posted by J from wiltshire ;)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Harry Potter and ... more snow?

I went to see Harry potter and the deathly hallows part one, and it is brilliant! But I wont say anymore in case anyone who reads this hasnt seen it.
And also we are expecting more snow possibly, I hope it does snow as then we could break up from school a day early. Merry Christmas! Posted by M